Night Animals: Divine King After Dust, In Honor Of Tyrone

The opening event for "Night Animals: Divine King After Dust, in Honor of Tyrone" was a huge success! Tyrone's family was there and all of the guests and the Edison poetry team had a beautiful time!

Special thanks to Rachel Bliss, Yusef Komunyakaa, Freda Anderson, Sydney Coffin, Bruce Hoffman, Juan Green, Dante Rivera, Taisha Castillo, Christopher Febus, Zaire Douglas, Brandon Melendez, Alexander Fernandez, Nila-Ne Gonzalez-Ortiz, Christian Cherry, Nahja Martinez, Angelito Figueroa, Gabriel Mendez, Shante Forson, Zaihya Vangas, Nashalie Squires, Katherin Castillo, Naila Martinez, and Ben Colker.

Come by and see the work!! The show will be up at Graver's Lane Gallery up through June 16th! I promise you will be memorably moved!

Graver's Lane Gallery: 8405 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118